April 6




Plenary Meeting

  • Leonid Levin, State Duma of Russian Federation
  • Georgy Gritsai, NCO “Digital Economy”
  • Sergey Plugotarenko, RAEС
  • Sergey Grebennikov, ROCIT
  • Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, University of Aarhus
  • Alexandra Kulikova, ICANN
  • Maxim Burtikov, RIPE NCC
  • Leonid Todorov, APTLD

Moderator: Andrey Vorobyev, Coordination Center for TLDs .RU/.РФ


IP&IT Law Award Ceremony


Special Address


Coffee Break



1. Fake News : Fake’n’Hype

  • Roberto Gaetano, Public Internet Registry
  • Bruce McConnell, East-West Institute
  • Vladimir Todorov,
  • Ivan Zassoursky, MSU
  • Vladimir Zykov, Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers.

Moderator: Karen Kazaryan, RAEC

As mass media and social networks develop, they are increasingly becoming tools for manipulating public opinion. In the post-truth era, fake news poses a particular threat. Due to low media culture and catchy sensational headlines, fake news goes viral and significantly distorts reality. Representatives of major media outlets, media culture experts, and Russian and foreign media policy-makers will discuss where fake news comes from, how it spreads and, most importantly, what goal it pursues.



2. Cybersecurity: together or apart

  • Chris Buckridge, RIPE NCC
  • Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, University of Aarhus
  • Farid Nakhli, ITU
  • Maarit Palovirta, Internet Society
  • Jonne Soninen, ICANN
  • Li Yan, CUCIR

Moderator: Leonid Todorov, APTLD

Modern conceptions of cyber security mainly revolve around two mutually exclusive ideas. On the one hand, countries speak more than ever about digital sovereignty and having their own cyber forces, designed to protect digital borders from external attacks. On the other hand, fighting electronic terrorism and international cybercrime requires coordinating the efforts of governments, businesses and civil organizations all over the world. Experts from Russia, China and Europe will discuss how to strike a balance between these two approaches.

Coffee Break


3. In case of emergency

  • Alexandr Kalininn, Group-IB
  • Alexey Lukatsky, Cisco
  • Bruce McConnell, East-West Institute
  • Hong Thang Nguyen, VNNIC
  • Alexey Novikov, Positive Technologies
  • Martin Peterka, CERT CZ
  • Pavel Revenkov, FinCERT
  • Shavkat Sabirov, Internet Association of Kazakhstan

Moderator: Mikhail Anisimov, Coordination Center For TLD .RU/.РФ

Computer emergency response teams are the main fielders in information security. They constantly monitor cybercrime and are the primary source of expertise in the area. As the digital environment develops, threats multiply and new risks come to light. More CERTs are started, often to specialize in a specific niche. Representatives of CERTs from Russia, Asia and Europe will discuss the future of such groups and new challenges.

Coffee Break


4. On the eve of Skynet

  • Anton Fishman, Group-IB
  • Andrey Ivanov, Microsoft
  • Dmitry Zaitsev, MSU

Moderator: Alexey Lukatsky, Cisco

Experiments with neural networks and deep learning have created systems that can process information using fuzzy logic that is more typical of living beings than computers. So far, these systems have a very limited use such as voice and graphics recognition, personal electronic assistants, search systems for implicit links between events and phenomena, or forecasting. Representatives of major international companies working with artificial intelligence will speak about current AI applications, its future potential and whether we should beware of the rise of machines

Closing remarks


The End