Media Partners

TASS – Russia’s government-run news agency and an integral part of the world media system – has been in the media business since 1904. A staff of more than 1,000 and more than 60 foreign bureaus and 70 regional centers in Russia maintain a steady news flow on line round the clock.

TASS generates a diversified line of news and audio-visual products and services in Russian and English, encompassing practically all aspects of society’s life: politics, the economy, business, international relations, science, culture and sports.

TASS is the most pro-active and authoritative member of world and regional media organizations, which maintain relations of partnership with more than 60 news agencies around the world.

TASS: We know! web portal with dozens of daily telecoms market news including articles from our own journalists, best media cites, company news and press-releases. The site contains several sections covering IT market, wireless communications (3G, 4G, WiMax, Wi-Fi), mobile phones catalogue and reviews, PNA catalogue and reviews, company ratings and many others.

“Digital economy” – is an information online- project of ComNews – company. Within  framework of the project news about digitalization of different economy’s branches are published. Also it can be monitored an implementation of digital solutions and technologies in key sectors of Russian economy. economy

The journal provides coverage of the telecommunications situation in Russia and the CIS. Particular emphasis is placed on policies pursued by intergovernmental organizations involved in regulation of telecom operators and suppliers’ activities. developed together with the providers, perhaps, it became a center of crystallization, around which the future industry created. Soon it transformed from information delivery to more material things – advices, integration, help in implementation of new decisions. Then started to propose not only “advices”, but also telecommunication equipment. In 2003 an internet-shop appeared. Competent pricing policy, all- Russian fame and long-term trust of operators’ community allowed to build an unique model of direct internet-sales in Russia and CIS.

PR-group develops since 2004. Portal writes about events and trends in the information technologies market of Saint-Petersburg and the Northwest region: news of telecommunications, system integration and computer market, interviews, analytical materials, descriptions of projects, announcements of actions. – daily online IT-news media for the readers of the Central region of Russia. – daily online IT-news media for the readers of the North-West region of Russia.

«Mobile telecommunications» – is a scientific-technical magazine, on which pages analyzed perspectives of mobile connection development, broadband access to Internet, Internet of things, information security, information technologies and billing. Also it describes a status of implementation of 4G networks and development of 5G. The magazine publishes analytical and review articles about IKT-sector.

System Administrator» magazine is a key Russian industry publication for IT professionals, published since October 2002, included in the Russian index of scientific citation - The main task of the publication is to popularize the best developments of IT specialists from different countries. 90% of articles in the journal are of an applied nature, they are supplied with examples, tables, graphic material. It is a desktop tool for IT professionals and those who choose to pursue a career in IT.

«BIT. Business & Information Technology» - edition for owners, managers and top-managers of companies, enterprises and organizations of all activities. The subjects of the articles are economics and investments in IT, business on the Internet, analysis and review of corporate solutions, services and business technologies offered by foreign and domestic system integrators and vendors. In addition to the review and analysis articles, the number contains application materials describing the technologies and economic benefits of implementing various IT. is the unique aggregator that collects IT&Telecom, gadgets and related events: CIO, public services and legislation, electronic document management, fintech, venture, startups, blockchain etc. We cover all kind of events - from huge international conferences to webinars on specific themes.

«Last mile» magazine publishes various articles of Russian and foreign authors devoted to the latest trends in global communication system – ADSL, WiFi, WiMAX, ETC. The circulation of the magazine is 4500 copies, the number of editions – 8 times a year. The magazine is distributed by target mailing, subscription, on industrial exhibitions in Moscow and abroad.

R-SPECTRUM, trade magazine on telecommunications and information technology; RSPECTR.COM - professional web portal on telecommunications, information technology, and mass communications; conferences and workshops; daily mass media monitoring.

«Communication Technologies & Equipment» magazine keeps readers informed of developments on the telecommunications market. It discusses the latest advanced technology solutions and offers product reviews of the best and most popular products on the market. There are features discussing networking technologies, Base Stations, Wireless Access, Satellite Communications, Navigation services, support methods and Information Security. Specialist articles offer technical advice about specific classes of equipment and instructions to ensure effective use.

«Information Security Magazine» is circulated amongst key purchasers of IT security products in Russia and the CIS regions. This guide is the definitive resource for those department heads and managers who are looking to identify and purchase IT security products and solutions for their organization at the most competitive prices. The recipients of this Guide are no nonsense professionals with budget authorization and a desire to purchase quality products.

Open Systems Publications is a Russian media group established in 1993. We publish a wide range of reputable business, science and popular periodicals for the IT, telecommunications, medicine, and printing/graphic arts industries, as well as children's magazines. We hold major IT industry events and training conferences in current technologies. We also conduct market research. Business information is both our trade and responsibility.

The magazine «CONNECT. The world of information technology» - the leading specialized publication on information technology, communications and information security. The journal is intended for heads of the specialists in the field of it, communications , and information security. The magazine read: the materials experts, technology news, market overviews and key events in the industry. The magazine is published 8 times a year. With a circulation of 15 000 copies.

Business Information Security Association unites information security (IS) experts, heads of business departments, regulator authorities’ representatives, and other professionals seeking IS development in Russia and worldwide. The association was established in 2008 at the initiative of GC InfoWatch, Russian developer of software products and integrated solutions to combat external and internal security threats. Throughout its existence the association has launched dozens of initiatives within bylaws elaboration, presented industry-specific threat models and best practices of combating internal threats, developed procedures of legitimate internal investigations.

SPBDNEVNIK.RU is independent internet-media about life in Saint-Petersburg. There is complete information about the in the city: main events, important projects – everything that excites Saint- Petersburg today.

Daily online media (Digital Russia) is the only one informational resource in Russia, totally devoted to state informatization. It specializes on news and analytical materials about IT in public sector, regional and municipal authorities; e-government in the Russian Federation; state policy in informational technologies; advanced Russian and foreign experience of using IT and creation e-governance; Russia’s position in modern IT-world; Internet governance; global and Russian IT market.

MOIKA78.RU – is a city news portal. All the most current news and events in St. Petersburg are provided online and every hour. Current news and operative comments, reports and comments, photo chronicles and announcements are presented in the daily news feed, they objectively and reliably tell readers about the main events in St. Petersburg. – professional specialized electronic web site, which concentrate the interests of all industry participants from consumers to investors. The functional of the new resource incorporates the elements of the portal, the professional network and directory of data centers in Russia and worldwide. Service AllDC represents the knowledge base in all market segments of data centers: it provides information about both the vendors, distributors, integrators, suppliers and consumers of data center services, and their technologies and services. – The first and one of the most visited industry web site, which was launched in 2008. The main focus is on the Russian and western data center market: the largest directory of Russian data centers, the latest industry news, current trends, tips and opinions of industry experts, themed events and photo reports from various data centers and more.

DC Community club is the first site that unites all the events of the data center industry. So you can determine the first start version of the implementation of this project. The site provides information on all events, conferences, forums, their time and venue. On the site each visitor has the opportunity to sort the list of events by date, subject, organizer, read information about the event and reviews, see photos.

“MK” – is an successful brand with 98 years history: energetic, modern, unique, purposeful. It has been editing in Saint-Petersburg since 1997. “MK Saint-Petersburg” – one of the most popular weekly social-political medias in Saint-Petersburg.

The mission of the Academy of Innovative Education and Development is to create a community of teachers, children, parents and representatives from public and governmental bodies in order to form a positive, informative educational environment.

Our academy provides further training for teachers and experts working with children and raises awareness among parents and the general public. We offer on-site and online training courses in the form of seminars, training sessions, online and offline conferences and presentations. The academy’s most important activities include expert examination of information products for children and the informational educational media environment. – All technologies in one place. Topical news about computers, gadgets, programs and the application of high technology in everyday life. Popular materials about the simple solution of technical problems and program settings. Tests of "hardware" and software in everyday life and review of new products. – The most important events and trends in the development of the technology market, market participants' opinions, analytical reviews. The most important things in the IT market for IT professionals. – portal for CIO, written by CIOs. A unique platform for the exchange of experience and opinions on topical issues of directors in finance, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, etc.

RAEC (Russian Association of Electronic Communications) was founded in 2006 as a non-profit organization to consolidate and defend the interests of the Russian Internet industry. Today RAEC joins all major players of the Runet.

East-West Digital News (EWDN) is an international technology news and research agency covering the emerging innovation markets of Central and Eastern Europe.