Dmitry Zaitsev — Lomonosov Moscow State Uniretsity

Specialist in logic, Candidate of Sciences (Philosophy).

Dmitry Zaitsev graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of the Moscow State University in 1988 and completed his post-graduate degree there in 1991 with a thesis titled “Relevance Logic and Sociology: Semantic Problems”. Since 1991, he has been working at the Department of Logic at the Philosophy Faculty of the Moscow State University. As of today, he is an assistant professor working on problems of relevance logic, algebra of logic, and information presentation.

He developed American-plan relational semantics for the main relevance logic systems.

Dmitry Zaitsev also proposed information semantics for generalized descriptions of several relevance logic systems.

He developed applied semantic and syntactic theories of the first-level relevant consequence and is working on a general theory of the pure relevant consequence.

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