Martin Peterka — CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.

Martin Peterka, COO

Martin Peterka is Deputy Managing Director of the CZ.NIC association. Martin studied Automated Control Systems at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Technical University in Kosice. After his studies he worked in VSŽ Informatika, developing a production control information system. During 1999-2003, he managed the CZ domain administration project in KPNQwest Czechia, the company that secured the CZ domain operation for the CZ.NIC association. Martin has been working for the CZ.NIC association since 2003 and is responsible for every-day flawless operation of the CZ domain names registry, supervises work of customer support operators and helps to solve serious problems of the domain holders. He is the association's contact person for domain registrars, and he also participates in further development of the registration system, especially in taking requests of registrars and domain holders into account. Martin is also a leader of security teams CZ.NIC-CSIRT and CSIRT.CZ. Martin spends his time off by bicycling, skiing, and cooking. He is fluent in English.

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